Half a dozen new sweeties

On the 3rd of September Sweet Mustard welcomed six new people to the team.
For our new Sweeties, the day started with a coffee, a tour of the office and an introduction to the rest of the team. After a short introduction, our new Sweeties unpacked their new gear and received their car keys. They happily set up their new laptops and had lunch at the big table with the rest of the team. After an afternoon introducing the practical agreements and sharing the knowledge of how to be a SWEETIE, we wrapped up the day with a welcome drink with all the office sweeties.

David and Jhinthy are joining the .NET team, Louis starts working as a Java developer, Lara starts as a UX/UI designer, and Sander and Nick are joining the front-end team.

Here’s a short introduction to their prior paths and first impressions.


After a long career of switching between programming and working as a welder, I reformed myself into the .NET world. In this process, I got an opportunity from an amazing employer in the consulting world but felt it was time to go that SWEET extra mile in shaping my knowledge and finding the code guru in myself. In other words, joining the other SWEETIES was just a perfect match.
My first day was a real joy. In this full planned day, we learned all the ins and outs of our daily tasks, unboxing all our nifty presents and meeting all the SWEETIES. After this educational and warm welcome, we closed off our first day with a welcome drink in the kitchen.
By the end of the day it didn’t feel like the end of a first day at all. It felt like being a long time part of this new family.


My name is Jhinthy. I just graduated and I’m starting my first job as a .NET developer at Sweet Mustard. I studied computer science in secondary school, which fascinated me right away. I definitely wanted to continue doing this, but I had no idea which direction I wanted to go. So during my study New Media and Communication Technology, I developed an interest for .NET. For the last 3 years, I’ve been volunteering to teach children to program. They don’t only learn to program but also the methodology behind the code in a fun and interactive way through making games.

What drew me to Sweet Mustard was the way they work and how they tackle the task ahead. I also want to push my knowledge forward.
The first day started off with a warm welcome and a bundle of information and tools on how to become a SWEETIE.


Hi! I’m Lara, I graduated from Howest where I studied Devine (Development & Design). During my course, I quickly noticed that I preferred designing over programming so I knew that I wanted to have a creative job.
After completing my studies, I was eager to get a job. But, after getting one, I had an unknown fear of the new workplace. This was unnecessary because the Sweeties made you feel at home even during the application process.


After graduating Electronics/ICT, I was taught about a wide spectrum of both hardware and software technologies. This is something that I do think is very useful, because it helps you understand the bigger picture of how software really works.

But I felt like I lacked true expertise in any of these branches. So one of the main requirements for the work I was looking for is that it provided me with an environment I could grow in. Both in width - adding more topics to my area of expertise by working together with other people, and in depth - really fleshing out one topic to become good at it and actually use it for real applications.

From the first conversation I had with Lander and Mike, I immediately had the impression that Sweet Mustard would offer this exact environment. During the first few days, Sweet Mustard has even exceeded my expectations. For example, I’ve already learned more about Scrum in a two-day workshop than I did in a semester-long course in school.


Hi, I’m Nick and I’m 22 years old. After about a year in the working field and half my life being fascinated by web development, I started working at Sweet Mustard as a front-end developer.

Why did I apply for this job at Sweet Mustard? First of all, I wanted a job with a great learning opportunity, great colleagues, great atmosphere and projects and subjects that fascinate me. The job interview at Sweet Mustard left a great impression with me. Apparently, the company leadership agreed, so they sent me a job offer. It’s a match!

Fast forward a few weeks to the first day on the job. I am trying to keep my head above water while an overload of information is coming my way. However, through this temporary chaos, I can see what the workplace is about. The people are fun to be around and the atmosphere is lively to be in. I had a blast. Now the job as front-end developer can start. Exciting times, Sweeties unite!


I’m Sander, I graduated in New Media and Communication Technology from Howest with a passion for Front-end and .NET. The first time meeting with Mike and Lander, they told me the story of Sweet Mustard and how they work. At that point, I knew that it was the right company for me. I applied for front-end developer and that started the adventure.
There was a lot of information about how they work and the ins and outs, but even then I felt right at home.