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My B-Tonic

Discovery Bootcamp
A digital platform that inspires and supports people in achieving personal health goals. Design and validation of a mobile application.


B-Tonic is an initiative to promote a more healthy lifestyle by Baloise Insurance. They have joined forces with Energy Lab for the physical aspect and with 361° for the mental part. The goal of B-Tonic is to get people moving and improve their clients’ overall health and wellbeing. It inspires and supports users to achieve their personal goals.

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Our approach

The challenge

B-tonic wants to be top of mind for physical health and mental wellbeing. They want to set up a community for those that want to improve by offering personalised assistance to help users achieve their goals.

Internal research revealed that the current B-tonic platform should improve in three areas: ease of use, navigation and mobile support. There were a lot of ideas for the platform’s future, but these had to be merged so that they could set priorities. That’s why we assisted B-Tonic with our Discovery Bootcamp.

Our approach

Nearly all our projects include application development, but we focused on advisory services for this one. We searched for ways to:

  • align B-Tonic’s organisational goals with those of their target audience
  • improve the user experience of the current platform
  • evaluated the role of a community in motivating its participants
  • Increase user engagement and completion rate

We used our Discovery Bootcamp to research those aspects. It consists of several successive workshops where we have in-depth discussions with the client to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

This project also marked the first time that we had to organise a remote workshop because of the Covid-19 pandemic. We quickly adapted to that new reality by using tools like Miro’s virtual drawing board and Google Meet for real-time meetings.

“At Sweet Mustard, we always facilitate workshops together with the client. This is one of the basic principles of co-creation that we so strongly believe in.”

- Annelies
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Looking back

We started by letting B-Tonic familiarise themselves with our mindset and way of working. We then helped them to gather insights to determine a direction for their future. All of this went smoothly, and B-Tonic ended up with:

  1. Insights of what is worth developing
  2. Insights of what users need and want
  3. A clickable prototype
  4. Advice for the next steps

Thanks to our advisory services, B-Tonic is now ready to set priorities and invest where it matters. We’re excited to see where they are heading next!

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