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Web - Discovery Bootcamp - Design
We helped Zeticon to devise a lineup of modern and coherent products while designing the frontend architecture of their solution. To keep things sustainable, we also assisted with a design system. This resulted in a new user interface for MediaHaven and DigiHaven.

The challenge

Zeticon is a fellow company in the Cronos Group that offers scalable, flexible and high-performance archiving solutions for the management of images and digital documents. Their flagship product MediaHaven is used by a wide range of companies: corporations, media groups and even public sector clients like cities and municipalities.

Sustainable growth is key to Zeticon’s long-term strategy. To achieve this growth, they want to make their solutions available to an even wider audience by adding other products to their platform. They approached Sweet Mustard because of our experience in translating complex requirements into convenient user interfaces.

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Our approach


We started by assisting Zeticon with a series of interviews with their clients and end users. This helped to understand their needs, along with the strengths and weaknesses of MediaHaven’s current iteration.

We then organised workshops where we used a user story map to identify the functional requirements for the next iteration. This gave us the necessary context to come up with a concept for the new user interface. We then used this input to construct a prototype so Zeticon could evaluate our proposed solution.

Frontend architecture

At the same time, we were busy designing the frontend architecture together with Zeticon. We used a design system as a collection of building blocks to represent the reusable aspects and guidelines of the eventual product. This became the blueprint for what would become the new user interface.

We then took the prototype back to clients and end users to evaluate its usability. This gave us a lot of valuable feedback and boosted awareness of a user-first and iterative approach over at Zeticon. The feedback loop turned out to be an essential step in our process.

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Looking back

Our partnership with Zeticon is far from over, and it’s definitely been a productive one so far. We joined forces by adding our design and frontend development knowledge to their expertise, with some tangible results. Since it started, we have collaborated on the following, with plenty more to come:

  • DigiHaven, a new product solution for document archival that specialises in digital files.
  • A new user interface for MediaHaven that improves the user experience.
  • StyleHaven, a design system with reusable components for both MediaHaven and DigiHaven.