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Lander Bouten
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Java Developer

We’re hiring a Java Developer!

At Sweet Mustard, we’re keen on working with young and passionate people. Since innovation is part of our DNA, you’ll get the opportunity to continuously improve and evolve your skills as a Java Developer. And since we’re all about long-term co-creation with our clients, you’ll help develop new concepts and ideas from scratch to complete end products and maintenance.

As a Java Developer at Sweet Mustard, you’ll get the opportunity to translate user stories into digestible APIs. You’re proud of your code and are eager to share it with the world. You’ll get the opportunity to learn new skills and share your knowledge with our colleagues. You’ll get to deliver a carefully crafted and tested backend. As we work in a constructive environment, you’ll get the chance to review code from your colleagues to provide them with helpful feedback so we can all learn from each other.

What you got vs. what we need

  • You have a good knowledge of the standard JDK and follow its release cycles, so you can apply the latest and greatest features of the language.
  • You know your way around Spring Core, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Spring Security,….
  • Knowledge of JEE is a plus.
  • You can setup a Java/Spring Boot project from scratch. You know how to structure your project(s), making it easy to navigate for your colleagues and our customers.
  • You’re a master in development tools and the Java toolchain (Maven, Graddle, Git, Jenkins,…).
  • You’re able to collaborate with Developers and you have previous experience in working in an Agile environment.
  • You can work in a constructive environment where you review code of your colleagues and provide them with helpful feedback.
  • You have an entrepreneurial, creative mindset and like to take part in a growing talent community.
  • It’s good to have a Bachelor degree in ICT or similar, but the most important is your skillset, ambition and drive.

At Sweet Mustard, we’ll compensate you for your skills, enthusiasm and your contributions to our team!

  • A competitive salary and compensation package: an absolute must for IT professionals.
  • A chance to make an impact by working on challenging and innovative products and services: with our other Sweeties by your side, you’ll be both challenged and supported by our digital experts!
  • A team of passionate people and an inspiring talent community: you’re becoming part of not just any team, but a strong team of ambitious professionals aiming for innovation and continuous improvement. We’re happy to share our knowledge with you and are delighted that you can share yours.
  • An optimal working atmosphere in a trendy office loft at the center of Kortrijk, away from traffic: you’ll come for the view, but stay for the awesome Sweet Mustard colleagues surrounding you at this amazing Kortrijk-based office. And don’t forget the free ‘sandwiches at the office’ at lunchtime. With or without sweet mustard.

Now what are you waiting for? Come join us now and become part of our inspiring talent community here at Kortrijk!

Day in the life

Java Developer


My name is Dieter, I’m one of the Java Developers within the team and I’ve been at Sweet Mustard for about four years. Normally, our team starts the day with a short scrum meeting in which we create a plan of attack for the day. Then we get to work! Most of the time we’re translating business requirements into a technical solution, which can be anything within our team. We’re java developers so we use the java language, of course. We implement, test, fix bugs, … Sometimes the house seems on fire, and we need to resolve something quickly and efficiently in the production. There’s a lot of variety in my work, I never live the same day twice.

I chose Sweet Mustard because I used to work at huge company. Working closely together within a smaller team was something I found incredibly nice. You know everyone here.

When Mike and Lander talked to me in my job interview about the three pillars of Sweet Mustard, which are innovating business, inspiring a community and cultivating talent, I was immediately sold on the idea of working there. It showed me that I wouldn't solely be a Java Developer to them, but I’d also be motivated to do other things and to grow as a professional. A big plus for me is that I live nearby, so I’m at work quickly and our customers are close as well. That means I enjoy a great work-life balance.

If you’re in doubt: just do it and join us! It’s a fun place to work, we have challenging projects and there’s a great atmosphere.

MG 6019
Your contact.
Lander Bouten
Managing Partner

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