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Scrum Master

We’re hiring a Scrum Master!

At Sweet Mustard, we’re keen on working with young and passionate people. Right now, we’re looking for a Scrum Master to join our team and to assist in the facilitation of our Agile development projects. You don’t have to be an evangelist, but you have to be eager and view your role as a leader that serves the team by facilitating and by removing obstacles. You’re focused on the delivery of the top priority objectives as efficiently as possible with quality in mind at the forefront.

We expect you to communicate with the Product Owner and guide him through the Agile development process. You’ll keep an eye on the budget, without determining the scope. You challenge your development team where needed.

What you got vs. what we need

  • Great communication skills in order to motivate and activate the development team and to facilitate discussion, decision making and conflict resolution.
  • Guide the team to remove impediments and blockers.
  • You inject the team on values of Agile methodology and Scrum framework to successfully implement and deliver critical projects.
  • You’re confident enough to support and educate the Product Owner.
  • As a trustworthy person, you can build a safe environment where problems can be raised and solved.
  • You’re a certified ScrumMaster and you have worked in Agile environments before.
  • Solid to expert understanding of agile software development methodologies, values and procedures.
  • You have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or + 5 years of experience in Information Technology.

At Sweet Mustard, we’ll compensate you for your skills, enthusiasm and your contributions to our team!

  • A competitive salary and compensation package: an absolute must for IT professionals.
  • A chance to make an impact by working on challenging and innovative products and services: with our other Sweeties by your side, you’ll be both challenged and supported by our digital experts!
  • A team of passionate people and an inspiring talent community: you’re becoming part of not just any team, but a strong team of ambitious professionals aiming for innovation and continuous improvement. We’re happy to share our knowledge with you and are delighted that you can share yours.
  • An optimal working atmosphere in a trendy office loft at the center of Kortrijk, away from traffic: you’ll come for the view, but stay for the awesome Sweet Mustard colleagues surrounding you at this amazing Kortrijk-based office. And don’t forget the free ‘sandwiches at the office’ at lunchtime. With or without sweet mustard.

Now what are you waiting for? Come join us now and become part of our inspiring talent community here at Kortrijk!

Day in the life

Scrum Master

My name is Marie, I’m 40 years old so I’m one of the oldest people here. I’m a Scrum Master at Sweet Mustard and I've been working here for three years now. I’ve worked both on long- and on short-term projects which is very interesting and provides a lot of variety. Right now, I work for a customer in the centre of Kortrijk; it’s nice to keep in touch with the city!

I work with several teams so it’s a bit hectic in the morning for me. Mostly, the days start with stand-ups with all teams. I can check-in with everyone, discuss how they’re proceeding, ask if they need help … The best part about my job is working with all of them. There’s lots of interaction and that social aspect is what I like the most. I enjoy challenging my teams when they try to find solutions and I promote open and direct communication.

I encountered Sweet Mustard by accident, through a former colleague of mine. It all evolved quite spontaneously. I knew some people and talked to colleagues I could be working with. The process was quite nice, and I immediately liked the flat organisation. You could clearly take initiative and work independently here. The atmosphere is great as well, the people here truly make Sweet Mustard such a great place to work.

Don’t hesitate to come by but grab your chance. If you believe there is a fit, talk to someone who works here. Furthermore, just be yourself, that’s the most important part!

MG 6019
Your contact.
Lander Bouten
Managing Partner

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