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Lander Bouten
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Software Architect

We’re hiring a Software Architect!

Say what?

We’re pretty sure that with your level of expertise, you know exactly what a Software Architect does. But just to make sure:
As a software architect, you are responsible for the delivery of carefully crafted and proven Java based Software Architecture. As an experienced go-getter, you’ll be happy to share your knowledge and experience with your colleagues and customers.

What you got vs. what we need

  • You are capable of designing a software architecture based on varying contexts.
  • You’re able to communicate with our customers and with your analytical mindset help them shape the software landscape they envision.
  • Through your experience you are familiar with microservices architecture and domain driven design.
  • As a true Technology Watcher, you follow the latest trends in IT at large and are more than aware of innovation in your field.
  • You are able to work in a constructive environment, where you are eager to serve as a true problem solver, learn, share knowledge and provide colleagues with helpful feedback.
  • You have an entrepreneurial, creative mindset and like to take part in a growing talent community.
  • It’s good to have a Bachelor or Master’s degree in ICT or similar by experience, but the most important are your skillset, ambition and drive.

If you get the chills from these skills and it seems that you match them, we would be happy to have a chat with you. If you don’t, then don’t let that stand in your way to get in touch with us either. We believe in talent and potential.

At Sweet Mustard, we’ll compensate you for your skills, enthusiasm and your contributions to our team!

  • A competitive salary and compensation package: an absolute must for IT professionals.
  • A chance to make an impact by working on challenging and innovative products and services: with our other Sweeties by your side, you’ll be both challenged and supported by our digital experts!
  • A team of passionate people and an inspiring talent community: you’re becoming part of not just any team, but a strong team of ambitious professionals aiming for innovation and continuous improvement! We’re happy to share our knowledge with you and are delighted that you can share yours.
  • An optimal working atmosphere in a trendy office loft at the center of Kortrijk, away from traffic: you’ll come for the view, but stay for the awesome Sweet Mustard colleagues surrounding you at this amazing Kortrijk-based office. And don’t forget the free ‘sandwiches at the office’ at lunchtime. With or without sweet mustard.

Now what are you waiting for? Come join us now and become part of our inspiring talent community here at Kortrijk!

Day in the life

Software Architect

Software Architect Sweet Mustard

Hi, I’m Brent and I’m a Software Architect at Sweet Mustard. I’ve been here for almost 3 years. Me, I always start the day with coffee, that’s the most important thing! Then I develop or do code reviews, of other developers as well. Meetings with customers or with the team are, of course, part of the job.

I really love the variety of my projects, which you get with consultancy. There are lots of new cases and insights to discover, different types of companies (production, finance, software, public sector) to explore and so on. You are the bridge between technical people and businesspeople, so to speak, so you need to translate ideas from one to the other.

The company structure is great here; I already felt that in my job interview. I realised that I’d be able to have an impact and to make a difference; to speak my mind. I sincerely appreciated that. They invest in people here so when you want to learn a new skill that is related to your job you can learn as much as you like. The company events are uncommonly cool as well; there are boardgame nights, we play soccer, go on weekends together … You quickly feel at home here and you can truly be yourself.

Still a bit unsure whether to join us? Just do it! Be critical in your interview and ask a lot of questions; they will be answered. Rest assured: it’s truly awesome to work here.

MG 6019
Your contact.
Lander Bouten
Managing Partner

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