Total immersion in the Sweet Mustard spirit

Meet Marie & Lennie, the newest recruits in the Sweet Mustard team. On the 5th of November they started their Sweetie journey, supported by their buddy Nick, who introduced them to the basics around the office.

They confided us that their first week was not only very captivating but also that they were positively surprised (and a little overwhelmed) by the total immersion in the Sweet Mustard culture.

At Sweet Mustard you immediately feel welcome. The open working environment favorises interaction and fun between team members. During lunch break the Sweeties take place at one big table, sharing bread and spreads in a pleasant atmosphere.
Next up in the programme of their first week was an Agile Fundamentals training, focussing on the principles of the Agile methodology, the Scrum framework and some interactive games to put the theory into practice.
On Thursday, both Lennie and Marie met with their coach to discuss their personal development and learning path in the upcoming period.
The cherry on the cake of their first week was the Innovation Day on Friday. Indeed, at Sweet Mustard we do not only cultivate talent and build an inspiring community; we also focus on continuous innovation.
The Sweet Mustard team worked together in smaller groups around five innovative ideas. At the end of the day, the outcome was presented to the entire team and celebrated during an informal drink.

Lennie is joining the Frontend development team and Marie reinforces the Agile team.

Curious to get to know them a little bit better? Read on.


“I have been working in Communications over the last 15 years, both in large and small companies and in various industries. Passionate about people and communication, I’m looking forward to further develop, share and enlarge my knowledge within Sweet Mustard. I truly believe in the unique work ethics and corporate vision of the company. Let the fascinating adventure continue!”


“For the last two and a half years, I worked at a start-up but felt like it was the right time to take on another challenge. After the first pleasant interview with Mike, I immediately knew that Sweet Mustard would be a place where I definitely would fit in. The first week was a bit hefty, with a lot of information to process. But now, after a good weekend of rest and sleep, I’m ready to take on the Sweet Mustard Adventure!”