TVH PARTS HOLDING NV is looking to increase focus on digital growth through omnichannel experience

An optimum customer experience -both off- and online- is essential if you want to boost your brand's value and perception. But how can you make customer experience an integral part of your business processes and while also taking them to a higher digital level? TVH Parts Holding NV was looking for a solution and found it at Sweet Mustard. Read all about it in this blog!

So much more than just a UX partner

TVH Parts Holding NV is a global player. Worldwide, the holding is considered one of the most important suppliers of parts for fork-lift trucks, industrial vehicles, construction machinery, and agricultural tractors. An immense range of products. That's why a strong online presence is crucial. That's an ambition TVH Parts Holding NV is looking to fulfil by offering its customers an omnichannel experience. No small beer, because TVH Parts Holding NV wants more than a run-of-the-mill digital solution. Optimum experience and flawless service must be at the heart of this roadmap initiative.

But TVH Parts Holding NV wants to take things even further, and fully satisfy its UX-related aspirations. That's why they decided to set up, build, and professionalize an integral expertise domain within the organization. They want to figure out what works and what doesn't, what the best practices are, what possible barriers there are, and so on. A thorough analysis that needs to be translated into an approach and a way of working that can be applied in a wider context and to different digital initiatives. This also demonstrates the dual nature of the project: coming up with a design system that can both contribute to the efficient building of digital solutions and guarantee a consistent user experience.

That implies a growth trajectory—one in which the existing platforms are future-proofed down to a T. To achieve that ambition, TVH Parts Holding NV was looking for a suitable partner to shape and develop the UX effort. It found that partner in Sweet Mustard. Partnership is key to this endeavour, which aims to be. In conclusion, TVH Parts Holding NV is seeking a long-term partner. A partner that can scale up quickly and efficiently, but especially one that can put across a way of thinking, one that can change attitudes. Introducing technical UX expertise is one thing but ensuring complete adoption by the organisation is another thing altogether, which requires maturity and change management.

Innovation requires change management

It's obvious that this project is about much more than just coming up with a software solution. But how do you tackle this sort of undertaking? How do you ensure everyone in the organization sees eye to eye? A real challenge, one that requires an approach in phases and should closely involve as many different stakeholders as possible.

To make sure everything goes smoothly, a thorough analysis will serve as a point of departure for this trajectory. On the one hand, research will be conducted into the tools and resources suited to the needs and framework of the organization and its people, on the other hand the different standards regarding e-commerce will be considered. But digital growth also entails a new way of working. It's not just about putting forward ideas, but also about demonstrating the importance and necessity of UX and providing the right design tools and assets to carry through the proposed changes. That implies that the collaborators TVH Parts Holding NV must themselves be able to contribute to the success of change management.

As soon as everything has been talked through, we can focus on visualization and conceptualization. Prototypes will be developed to make the design's vision and idea tangible. They'll be tested, evaluated, and optimized until a final design is arrived at. To utilize the new system's potential to the full, a solid basis of support will be created, and all steps and people required to develop the design system will be aligned. To guarantee continuity, reusable components will be developed, and documentation will be provided to implement everything as efficiently and correctly as possible.

Customer and employee satisfaction and loyalty

The system is now in full development. Sweet Mustard has delivered a prototype of the new design system to TVH Parts Holding NV, giving all stakeholders a clear view of what the organization is looking to achieve. That way, the initiative will gain traction and momentum, and the people involved will begin to realize the system's added value and to understand why it ought to be built.

Again, the dual nature of the project comes into play. TVH Parts Holding NV employees will be able to work more efficiently, and to design and develop more quickly and on a larger scale, without detracting from quality. This should increase end customers' satisfaction and loyalty as well as bolster online sales. Win, win, win!

Inspired by this story? Interested in working with Sweet Mustard? Don't hesitate to contact us, we'll join you in looking for a solution which can add value to your business processes.

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