A day in the life of … the trainees at Sweet Mustard

Each year, we are joined at Sweet Mustard by trainees from different colleges. In the spring of 2022, Xander Storme, Brian Thery, Sarah Hoornaert and Robbe Raevens were our young Sweeties. How did they experience their internship, what was the result of all those months of hard work and would they recommend our internship?

Why did you want to be an intern at Sweet Mustard?

Xander: “From the list of options, Sweet Mustard seemed like the most interesting to me because they indicated we would be working with the Scrum Method, which is something I was keen to immerse myself in. Internships are usually quite solitary; a student works on a task on his own. At Sweet Mustard, however, things are handled by entire teams. That appealed to me.”

Robbe: “For me, the decisive factor was that the internship fitted in perfectly with my graduation subject. Furthermore, Sweet Mustard gave a fantastic first impression online. It looked like, and fortunately really is, a wonderful, fast-growing company.”

Sarah: “The internship offer emphasised teamwork, which was a soft skill I wanted to develop further. In addition, I was consciously looking for an internship in Kortrijk, so that I could fully commit and wouldn’t lose time commuting.”

Brian: “It helped that one of my friends currently works at Sweet Mustard. Obviously, he won me over quickly enough (laughs).”

What can you tell us about your internship project: the Smart Library?

Xander: “The purpose of the Smart Library was to create an online system that would automatically track everything related to (the lending of) the books on the shelves. This way, it’s clear who borrowed what, what is still available, and so on to both users - with access, of course - and the administrator.”

We specifically built a server to keep track of all the information in a database. We also created a website for the administrator to manage all the data optimally. Additionally, we created a mobile application so users can open the bookcase and get an overview of all the (un)available books. Finally, we built the bookcase itself and expanded it using IoT.”

Sarah: “We created a detail page for each book, with more information on the book itself. An RFID tag was linked to the ISBN number of each book so that all data could be loaded into the app with a simple scan. This way, the book is also added to the Library, which minimises the work for the admin, who can now very easily keep track of everything.”

Xander: “At this point, we’re mainly fine-tuning and writing documentation for the next generation that will work on it. The intention is obviously that any developer can find his way around the code efficiently and won’t have to spend too much time trying to figure out how everything works.”

Did you feel supported by the Sweet Mustard colleagues?

Brian: “Absolutely: we were never left to our own devices and could immediately contact the right people if we had any questions.”

Xander: “The communication between the four of us was so smooth, actually, that we often consulted each other when we had questions. Sweet Mustard did indeed provide us with good support as well, though. For instance, a technical supervisor was assigned to me for all my technical questions regarding the backend.”

What lessons do you take away from this experience?

Brian: “If tasks arise that are out of your comfort zone or that you have little or no experience with, it’s best not to put them off. You shouldn’t be afraid of things you don’t know yet. Big changes and new technologies can be much more fun and more worthwhile than you might think.”

Sarah: “Something I had to work on was taking enough rest. By defining my work from nine to five, my work was of much better quality than when I just kept going. Short focus works best.”

I would like to add that you should dare ask for help in time! Sometimes, others in your team turn out to have hidden talents and you suddenly make tremendous progress together.”

Robbe: “Above all, I’ve learned to let go. I like to be in control and ideally, I’d help everyone out everywhere. You lose focus on your own work then, of course, which shouldn’t be happening.”

Xander: “I’ve learned to be less afraid of the unknown. Gaining new expertise and daring to work together can bring great results.”

Would you recommend an internship at Sweet Mustard?

Brian: “I found Sweet Mustard to be the perfect example of an internship, and I’m not even exaggerating. The experience was exactly as I had imagined it would be and I effectively gained all that I had hoped to experience and learn.”

Robbe: “The atmosphere here is really nice. It’s the same way in real life as it seems to be on the website. You probably don’t see that happening everywhere…”

Sarah: “It was cool to be able to work on an internal project instead of working for an external client. I think it allowed us to gain experience in peace and without too much pressure. I really appreciated that.”

Xander: “I completely agree!”

After successfully completing their internships, their diploma is now within reach. We wish them all the very best and every success in taking the first steps in their careers!

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