Van Marcke

Mobile - Discovery Bootcamp - MVP - Design
Van Marcke is a Belgian company that specialises in bathrooms and heating. They contacted Sweet Mustard to update their existing application.

The challenge

Van Marcke works together with technicians, interior architects and project developers to come up with a comprehensive solution for its customers. One of the tools they are currently using is Van Marcke BLUE, an application that helps technicians but has become technologically outdated. This means that maintenance costs and further development are high, which led Van Marcke to Sweet Mustard for a long-overdue update.

Our approach

Our approach

Even though Van Marcke already had an application, we still sat down with them to determine a direction for the app’s new iteration. We used a so-called design sprint to determine the priorities, think of solutions, and devise a prototype together over a period of five days. We quickly learned what worked and what still needed work, and we involved both the client and end users.

Our team developed the app in accordance with the agile method, meaning we worked in sprints that lasted two weeks. They collaborated with Van Marcke’s in-house developers to develop the application in React Native. Using this technology means we could use the same source code for iOS and Android. Besides development, our experts also coached Van Marcke’s developers in adopting the agile method.

The result

We ended up building a new application for Van Marcke in just four months, which includes the analysis phase. The new app is technologically up-to-date and makes it easier for technicians to find and order products. The fact that business and IT were aligned during the first phase was crucial for this project’s success. It was through this alignment that we could focus on what really mattered for the business and set the priorities accordingly.