VanheedePlus self delivery

Mobile - MVP - Design
The Vanheede Environment Group is one of the leading names in waste management in the Benelux and the north of France. As a family company hailing from West-Flanders, they are investing in digital transformation and innovation. In a previous project, we developed VanheedePlus: a mobile app that enables customers to check their waste collection calendar and schedule custom waste retrieval appointments. Happy with our cooperation, Vanheede recently asked us to expand VanheedePlus with a self-delivery component.


Vanheede mainly focuses on commercial and industrial waste, so timing is often important. Their customers have been using their online portal myVanheede for a couple of years. Since developing VanheedePlus, they have begun porting functionalities from the online portal (which focuses on desktops and laptops) to the iOS and Android app to increase ease of use for the customer. The latest in these ports is the self-delivery feature. With it, customers can now go to Vanheede’s various facilities to drop off waste themselves.

First, customers schedule a time slot through the reservation system. This generates a QR code, which includes the customer’s name, time slot, and the applicable waste categories. Once the customer arrives and their vehicle is weighed, the generated weighing bill will also be added to the application along with the time, date, and location. This is especially convenient for larger companies, who now have a convenient overview for multiple deliveries.

Our approach

A new flow

Adding this functionality to the application meant adding not just part of a functionality, but an entirely new flow for users. Waste collection at the customer site and self-delivery are separate functionalities in Vanheede’s online portal, so we needed to extend this vision in VanheedePlus.

That is why we, together with the client, decided to start a completely new project. This meant including our Discovery Bootcamp, a group of different workshops where we analyse and challenge the requirements together and deliver a visual prototype. When this prototype is validated, we deliver the user story map which is used as the requirements list for the start of the development project. Since the MVP here was relatively small, we delivered this in a short time cycle. We further developed VanheedePlus in React Native, while partnering with Noest for .NET development.

“Again we were surprised by the consistent, efficient and interactive approach, now for a new functionality of our app. It gives us confidence that we can continue to think about new opportunities.”

- Kim Delvoye (Marketing Manager)
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Looking back

We’re thrilled that Vanheede continues to rely on us for the development of VanheedePlus. They did not forget about us, and neither did we at Sweet Mustard. We see this as part of a larger, continuing partnership, including the porting of other features that lay ahead of us. We also updated VanheedePlus’ description and screenshots in both the App Store and Play Store in English, Dutch and French. Finally, we currently have some of our employees working to optimise Vanheede’s complex backend, so their internal systems can communicate with myVanheede and VanheedePlus more efficiently. Together, we are shaping Vanheede’s digital future, one step at a time.

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